Free prizes for your fetes, prize draws and school or club tombolas

Free prizes for your fetes, prize draws and school or club tombolas

Did you know that at Zalunira we are giving away free prizes for fetes, prize draws and school or children’s club tombolas?

We are giving away treasure hunts, detective mysteries and birthday-party games for parents to organise to interested schools and sports and cultural clubs (to the value of €9.99 on our website and limited to three vouchers per school or club). You can use these vouchers as prizes for your tombolas, prize draws, competitions, fetes or other events. The free prizes come as printable vouchers.

Since 2012, we have given away more than 5000 vouchers!

If you are not familiar with us and would like to try out our concept, we are offering you one of our games for free, downloadable from this page.

To find out more about our birthday-games concept, click here!

How do I order?

To order your prizes, just send us an email at "contact" (making sure you add @ between "contact" and "") with the following details in the subject: "Schools and clubs offer". Include in your request a contact email address for your school, parent–teacher association or club, which must be involved with children.
We will then send you an email containing the three printable Zalunira vouchers, with offer code, within two weeks. These are the vouchers you can use as prizes for your fetes, prize draws, competitions or tombolas. They are valid for two years from the date of receipt.
Each voucher winner can use their code to order any treasure hunt or detective mystery from our online shop at, for free!