Ready-to-print detective mystery

Ready-to-print detective mystery

In this ready-to-print detective mystery, the children are called on to help Fred, a young private detective, on one of his very first jobs. The investigation takes place in a museum after the mysterious disappearance of several works of art. Disappointed by the lack of progress made by the police, the Museum Director asks Fred to look into this dark affair.

Your young detectives are needed to help Fred solve the mystery. The children have to find the clues, and then solve the puzzles and riddles, so that step by step they progress towards unmasking the villain responsible for the thefts.

It’s a perfect activity for a birthday party with children aged 9 and older. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a mixed party or just girls or boys.

Your only preparation for the game is to print off the various sheets and then to find eight hiding places wherever the activity is going to take place.

The game is a PDF format document to download. The complete kit includes the rules, the certificates, the story to read at the beginning, the concluding story and all the clues, puzzles and riddles.

The game exists in several versions:
- Version for 7-8 years
- Version for 9-12 years